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Frequently Asked Questions


If this section of FAQ does not provide you with the necessary assistance, please contact:

What is your business model?

Primarily, we are Manufacturers and Wholesalers of Commercial Grade Industrial Furniture designed for Bars, Restaurants, Cafes and Office spaces. We receive numerous queries from Individual clients who love our style of Furniture and would like to purchase it for their homes and personal use. Hence, we have created and handpicked a curated range from our collection to be sold online.

As this is an On-line collection, viewing of products is not possible. Our showroom is strictly a Trade Only showroom, open to Trade customers. Note: Not all products we sell are on display at our Trade Showroom.

We have tried our best to photograph our online product range as accurately as possible. If you have any specific product query that is not covered in our Product Fact sheet, please contact Telephone calls are not our preferred mode of communication as there is no record of what information is exchanged between you and us.

I just placed an order. Can I cancel it?

Unfortunately, we are unable to cancel an order once it has been submitted, as we cannot disrupt the workflow process fulfilled by our warehouse team. We strive to dispatch orders efficiently to meet the expectations of our valued clients.

I only received one of the items in my order, where is the rest?

Web orders can be delivered by different Transport Options and / or from multiple warehouses. If you only receive part of your shipment, don’t worry, you will receive tracking or an update on your other goods as they ship.

I did not receive a confirmation email. Did my order go through?

At times, order confirmations can be delayed, and often end up being marked as email spam. As long as you received an order number as part of your checkout, then your order has gone through. Make sure to save your order number for your records.

Why was my credit card charged multiple times?

When you complete a checkout, your credit card company puts an authorization for the order amount on your card. This money has not been paid to Crank Furniture; rather your card company has put a hold on it for you while you check out. If your address information fails to validate (maybe your shipping and billing addresses aren't the same), then your payment will be declined. Depending on our bank, your credit card company will release the Authorization between 3-5 business days. If you attempt to checkout multiple times, your card will be authorized multiple times.

I didn't receive a tracking number, when should I expect it?

If you are a domestic customer, you should receive a shipping confirmation email within 3-5 days of your purchase. If you do not receive an confirmation email, it is possible that it may have been sent to your spam folder.

I made two orders today. Can you combine them into one and refund any one Shipping Cost?

Unfortunately, we are unable to combine shipments on multiple orders.

I emailed customer service, how long will it take them to respond?

Please expect a response within 24-48 working hours from our representatives. Please allow more time during Public Holidays, Long Weekends and Festival Period. Our representatives respond Monday-Friday.

Which countries do you ship to?

Currently, we ship within Australia. In the near future, we will be shipping Worldwide.

Can I change the address once my order is shipped?

Sorry, this is not possible. Once goods leave our warehouse, Crank Furniture has limited control to change any delivery details and address provided by customer.

I noticed I entered the wrong postal address / postal code/apartment # and the order is now being returned to sender. What are the next steps to have my package reshipped to me?

Once the order has been returned to our Warehouse, we will reach out to our customer in regards to any address issues. Once the order is returned to us, please allow 2-4 business days to reship. There will be an additional cost for any error made by customer while filling in delivery details.

Can I pick it up at from Crank Furniture Showroom or Warehouse?

Sorry, your order cannot be picked up from our showroom or warehouse.

Can I use an online credit in a retail store or another online store?

Unfortunately, Crank Furniture online credits can only be used on and cannot be used in store or any other website that sells our products online.

I just received my order. Can I return it for a full refund?

Unfortunately, we do not issue refunds. We offer a store credit, minus a 30% re-stocking fee. This credit can only be used online. Please refer to our Returns and Exchange Policy. 

Can I exchange my item for a higher priced item if I pay the difference?

Yes. If exchange is for higher value, you can pay the difference. If Exchange is for equal value, you will not have to pay any difference. We cannot exchange for a product of lesser value.

There will be additional delivery or transport cost for return goods as well as your purchase of exchanged item. In both of the above 2 scenarios, a 30% re-stocking fee will apply and cost of Delivery / Transport of Original order is NOT refundable.

This usually works out expensive and our advice to you is not to request any exchange of order.

Note: No Exchange on Sale / Clearance products.

Can I use my online credit for a phone/email order?

No. Online credits must be used for web purchases only.

Will my online store credit / gift card expire?

Fortunately, the gift card that we issue as online store credit will never expire. If by any chance it does, please email:

How do I contact you directly?

The easiest way to reach us directly is to email us on:

Telephone calls are not our preferred mode of communication as there is no record of what information is exchanged between you and us.

Email is our preferred contact as it is the best & fastest way to keep track of all queries and communication.

Can we visit your showroom or Warehouse?

Our showroom visit is ONLY for Trade clients. Typically, a Trade client is an Interior Designer or a restaurant / bar / café/ shop owner who may want to purchase products in bulk for his / her venue / retail or online store. We cannot honour any request for showroom visit to retail clients.

For purpose of retail, we are purely an online retailer.

If I am a Trade or Wholesale customer, whom should I contact for a showroom visit or pricing?

Please contact our Trade business on